The Floppy Disk Controller FDC

  (dim. 15x10cm)


  • Controller 8271
  • 3 K RAM ( 2114 )
  • DOS in ROM
  • Drive Olivetti OPE FD 501, full height
  • Storage capacity per 5 inch disc 96KB
  • The Atom Disc Pack included a regulated power supply.

In 1982 even a DOS with 96KB storage capacity was an improvement above tape-recording your data. The not well ventilated cabinet caused problems with the drive from Olivetti.

The nylon disc mounted on the shaft of the stepper motor operating, by means of a spiralled track and a metal pin, the mechanism of the read- write-head.

That nylon disc got detached sometimes and caused zero track adjustment problems. As soon as the half height drives became affordable, all FD501s were replaced.