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Name Acorn Microcomputer
(also known as the Acorn System 1)
Manufacturer Acorn Computers Limited (United Kingdom)
Microprocessor MOS Technologies MPS 6502
Clock speed 1.006 MHz
Power consumption 2.7 Watts (excluding voltage regulator)
RAM 1.125 KBytes (1K + 128)
ROM 512 Bytes
Firmware Monitor allowing machine code entry, etc.
Keyboard 25 keys (16 Hex, 8 Command, 1 Reset)
Display 8 digits seven-segment LED
I/O CUTS (Computer Users Tape Standard) 300 baud cassette tape interface
Socket for additional RAM/IO chip, with full Eurocard connector pinout (also with Microprocessor Data and Address bus, etc.)
Price Kit price as delivered: £70.20 (1979). Approximate equivalent in 2002: £210 or $300 US.


  1. No sound, graphics, colour support, or languages built-in.
  2. Later Eurocards produced by Acorn Computer for the System 2 and later products were compatible with the System 1. These included a Video Card and a 4–8KByte RAM expansion card.

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