Inside the Torch Z80 Disc Pack.

  1. The Z80 processor replaces the BBC's 6502
  2. 64K RAM dedicated to the Z80 and CP/M
  3. The Torch card was inserted into the BBC,
    fixed with fasteners
  4. The Z80 card was connected to the Tube interface
  5. Some additional parts had to be inserted
    on the motherboard
  6. Two 5.25" 400KB disk drives
  7. The drive cables connected to the BBC
    drive interface
  8. These powercords had to be disconnected
    when the Torch was present
  9. The power is supplied by the Torch
  10. Power wires coming from the Torch PSU
  11. ROM holding the CP/M OS (called MCP)

To my best recollection in the Netherlands was a Torch model with a Z80 card and two drives in a bit higher case as displayed on the previous page, connected to the BBC with the usual flat-cable to the Tube from the BBC computer. H.