BBC  -   Specifications

Power supply
Cassette modem:
Printer interface:
Disc Controller:
Video output:
410mm wide, 345 mm deep, 65mm high, weight: 370 gr.
Injection moulded thermoplastic.
Built-in Switching PSU
Standard QWERTY format (73 keys + 10 function keys).
Incorporated to allow storage of programs and data
on a standardaudio cassette recorder. (300, 1200 Baud)
When the cassette interface is not in use, the serial
port will be available to provide a bi-directional
RS423 CENTRONICS parallel. (B only)
CENTRONICS parallel.
A floppy disk controller is not present. (B only)
Composite Video.

1v pk-pk composite video output is provided on a 75 ohm BNC socket. The signal is capable to display in colour on a typical PAL (baseband input) monitor. UHF OUTPUT output is from an Aztec modulator fixed tuned to approximately channel 36

VDU Screen Formats
The 8 selectable display formats as follows
(RAM requirements in bytes are shown in brackets):
0. 80*25 2-colour text (foreground/background). (B)
1. 640*256 2-colour graphics & 80*32 text. (B)
2. 320*256 4-colour graphics & 40*32 text. (B)
3. 160*256 16-colour graphics and 20*32 text. (B)
4. 40*25 2-colour text. (A & B)
5. 320*256 2-colour graphics & 40*32 text. (A & B)
6. 160*256 4-colour graphics & 20*32 text. (A & B)
7. 40*25 teletext-format display. (A & B)
dubble sided pcb
CPU, Clock
Disc Controller
Disc Filing System
OS, Language
Add-in / Upgrades
4, 16K romsockets
200.300 Issue 3
MOS 6502, 2 MHz
A 16 K, B 32 K
32 K
n/a in model A
n/a in model A
1.2, BBC Basic
n/a in model A
Paged Roms
A lot of software was ROM-based. Acornsoft provided among others VIEW as a word processor, VIEWSTORE as a database and VIEWSHEET as a spreadsheet.
Languages as FORTH, LISP, PROLOG and ISO-PASCAL were present as well. Apart from that a big variety of games was available. That is why ROM-boards became so popular.