The real time clock, big benny (1983)

(dim. 8,5 x 4 cm)

images/rtc.jpg height=140

To my mind, this may be the nicest pc-board that is released by the FAC. The circuit is built around the clock IC MSM5832RS with a crystal, a PIA 6821, and some capacitors, resistors and three transistors. The circuit is fed by a rechargeable battery and connected to PL 8, from the Atom; originally meant for Econet.

From the PIA six gates are left to be used for other purposes. Four of them are available on the 8-pins connector. The clock-IC keeps, apart from the time in hours, minutes and seconds, the date, month, year and day from the week as well.

Additionally it is able to generate software driven interrupts.

It had to be built in a very compact way, because of its place (just above the keys) in the cabinet of the Atom.