The history of the Atom UsersClub in the Netherlands is striking. From 1982 onwards members from this usersclub realised a substantial a number of hard- and software designs. It started with extension-board for the memory and for extra RAM in "socket 24" (the software extension socket on the mainboard), the so called "schakelkaart" for bankswitching purposes on the #Axxx block.

It ended, after a short "affair" with the BBC- and Electron, CP/M (the Z-80-card) and communication with the PC via the parallel-port, with the famous -ATOM in PC card- related to the hardware. Talking about software: the emulator *1) for the ATOM from Wouter Ras is an ultimate highlight as well as the hard- en software for the ATOM in PC *2) from Roland Leurs.

Also Frans van Hoesel, the author of P-charme (text in Dutch) *3), a very high quality Basic extension rom, which became a standard within the FAC, should be mentioned. The contributions of numerous others were published in AN (Atom Nieuws). It is remarkable that so much outstanding soft- and hardware was produced and unselfishly published.

At the end of 1999, all issues of Atom Nieuws, publications and so on, were recorded on a CD-rom.

In december 2002 the last Atom Nieuws was issued.
Twenty years Atom Nieuws are on the bookshelf; nostalgia remains.

*1) AN (Atom Nieuws) 1998 (year 17) nr. 1, page 32
*2) Epos AN 1995 (year 14) nr. 3
*3) AN 1984 (year 3) nr. 1 page 12