The Kiwik special.                                                                             by H.v.d.H.

Besides the monitor, in VDU 80 mode, are visible the two DSSD diskdrives and on beside of the former Atom DOS cabinet, an old BBC+ power-supply.

In the cabinet from the drives are the CPM card, the VDU 80 card and a VIA card mounted. By means of a "flat-cable - backplane" (the usual 64-ribbon cable) and connectors, this cabinet is connected to the PL6/7 bus connector from the Atom.
The extra VIA with the cable towards the 80 column card and the C-MOS memory card.
You see the aluminum shielding between the CPM card and the other hardware. Next the C-MOS memory card top view.

On the mainboard is a printed circuit with 2 times 32K CMOS memory, the 6502 with both Eproms for the Atom-dos and Gdos and the modified C and F memory pages. For the VDU 80 card abd the CPN card see the Atom Review pages.

Next a screen dump (dir) from the system floppy. The system is kept alive by battery backup in CMOS. The lower text space can be switched between two pages. As to be seen the circuit is made with "pozijn" threads..


The Kiwik special is capable to run under Atom DOS and GDOS (an extended DOS developed in the Netherlands) with several OS-extensions on the Atom Operatingsystem (Branquart en CX, see Atom Review). Besides Atom CPM can be used. The whole is software controlled.