The Atom sold as do-it-yourself Kit      

This item is really RARE and as far as I know ever seen on Ebay. A complete kit for the Acorn Atom with a brand new Printed Circuit Board. The case and keyboard are from an Acorn Atom and in a very good condition. The parts are tested. The kit is complete with documentation like the technical manual, the original diagrams and the manual "Atomic Theory and Practice". Also included are two CD-roms with additional information, emulators and software.
Parts supplied with the basic ATOM kit are as follows:




Below the result is shown.
Both sides from the motherboard printed circuit are mounted and ready to be used.

Parts as supplied in the original ATOM kit:

IC6 74LS138 TTL Decoder.
IC7 74LS02 TTL NOR Gate.
IC8 74LS00 TTL NAND Gate.
IC9 74LS04 TTL Inverter.
IC20 MM52164 Read Only Memory.
IC22 6502-1MHz. Micro-Processor.
IC23 74LS138TTL Decoder.
IC25 8255 Peripheral Interface.
IC26 7445 TTL Decoder/Driver.
IC27 81LS95 TTL Buffer.
IC28 81LS95 TTL Buffer.
IC29 DP8304 TTL Transceiver.
IC30 74LS138 TTL Decoder.
IC31 6847 Video Display Generator.
IC42 2114 Random Access Memory.
IC43 2114 Random Access Memory.
IC44 74LS393 TTL Counter.
IC45 74LS04 TTL Inverter.
IC46 LM358 Operational Amplifier.
IC47 74LS163 TTL Counter.
IC48 74LS00 TTL NAND Gate.
IC49 74LS139 TTL Decoder.
IC51 2114 Random Access Memory.
IC52 2114 Random Access Memory.
IC53 LM340T-5 Voltage Regulator.
IC54 LM340T-5 Voltage Regulator.

All resistors and capacitors complete.
All parts as supplied with the basic ATOM kit

Injection Moulded Case.
Printed Circuit Board 202,000
Key Assembly
X1 3.58MHz crystal
X2 4.00MHz crystal.
L1 1mH choke.
SK1 UHF Modulator.
SK2 7 pin DIN socket.
SK3 Power socket.
Ql,2 2 npn transistors type BCl07
Heat sink.
52 sockets for the complete set as follows:
1 off 8 pin
6 off 16 pin
7 off 20 pin
4 off 40 pin
7 off 14 pin
24 off 18 pin
3 off 24 pin