Atom the other way     By Theo Waayer.           Pictures by F.J. Kraan

The picture at the left shows my Atom as he is situated upstairs and generally speaking he is still going strong. He needs some encouragement from time to time. Unplug and plug again some integrated circuits will do. All ic's should be removed from their sockets and firmly replaced to make contact again. Corrosion and humidity is obviously the reason from malfunctioning.

Atom Circuitboard.

On the main Atom board is the 16K memory extension card situated with an rechargeable battery to keep the data on the CMOS chips when power is down. A small printed circuit board with some wires (8K CMOS) replaces the 'high' VDU memory. Another tiny card on the left switches the video by means of a relays from the 80 column card the to the standard Atom graphical modes. That's why the video cable goes to the Atom.
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The picture below shows the rack with a number of extension cards.