The Acorn Atom kit
Thanks to Dick Blok, who recently found some original printed circuit boards from the Acorn Atom.
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images/boardcomponentsmall.gif images/boardsoldersmall.gif images/completeset.jpg images/partslarge.jpg

According to Dick Blok.

Having found the pc-board the next thing was gathering information how to build the Atom. Most helpfull was the Technical Reference Manual.

This booklet includes the complete parts list. The goal was to build the Atom as original as possible. Most parts can still easily be purchased at the local electronic shop, besides the buffer IC's and the 2114 RAM IC's.

The wish to build the Atom in its original shape came true with help from members of the Dutch Atom usersclub. They provided some IC's, the manuals and the Atomcase with keyboard.

After cleaning the case and keyboard and purchasing some parts, quality IC sockets, the soldering started. Here are some pictures of the mainboard, components, keyboard, and case.

The Atom succeded the very first time.